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  • Log entries made prior to January 1, 2015 are available for inspection, in compliance with Clery requirements, at the designated law enforcement or security office on campus.
Daily Crime Log - Emory University Police Department Oxford Campus Only
Case NumberDate ReportedIncident TypeDate/Time Occurred fromDate/Time Occurred toLocationStatus
23029539/18/2023Criminal Attempt - Theft by Extortion9/18/2023 22:159/18/2023 22:16Elizer Hall, 600 Haygood St, Oxford 30054 Active
23028539/11/2023Theft of Lost or Mislaid Property (Valued $1500 or Less)9/11/2023 10:509/11/2023 11:15Fleming Hall Parking Lot, 702 Haygood St, Oxford 30054 Active
23024168/11/2023Theft by Deception (Over $1500)8/1/2023 16:308/11/2023 11:00Events and Conferences Office, 106 Hamill St., Oxford 30054 Active
23021677/16/2023Theft by Taking (From Bldg, Value over $1500)7/16/2023 02:007/16/2023 08:00Murdy Hall, 600 Haygood St, Oxford 30054 Unfounded
23018756/14/2023Liquor Law Violations, Not Otherwise Specified1/1/2023 00:004/30/2023 00:00Oxford College, 801 Emory St, Oxford 30054 Information
23015675/12/2023Theft by Taking (From Bldg, Value $1500 or Less)5/10/2023 08:005/10/2023 12:00Oxford Student Center, 801 Wesley St, Oxford 30054 Active
23015325/9/2023Fraudulent Business Practices Using the Internet5/9/2023 10:365/9/2023 10:50Fleming Hall, 702 Haygood St, Oxford 30054 Active
23015165/8/2023Possession and Use of Drug-Related Objects5/8/2023 11:125/8/2023 11:23Fleming Hall, 702 Haygood St, Oxford 30054 Active
23014265/1/2023Criminal Damage to Property, Second Degree4/28/2023 17:004/29/2023 09:00Seney Hall, 118 Few Cir, Oxford 30054 Active
23014124/29/2023Possession of a Weapon in a School Safety Zone4/29/2023 18:074/29/2023 18:27Haygood Parking Lot, 1502 Wesley Cir, Oxford 30054 Active
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