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  • Log entries made prior to January 1, 2015 are available for inspection, in compliance with Clery requirements, at the designated law enforcement or security office on campus.
Daily Crime Log - Emory University Police Department Atlanta Campus Only
Case NumberDate ReportedIncident TypeDate/Time Occurred fromDate/Time Occurred toLocationStatus
210289411/22/2021Burglary, Second Degree, Forcible Entry11/19/2021 14:3311/22/2021 08:00Callaway Center, 537 Kilgo Cir, Atlanta 30322 Active
210287511/19/2021Theft by Taking (From Bldg, Value $1500 or Less)11/19/2021 12:3011/19/2021 16:30Claudia Nance Rollins School of Public Health, 401 Rollins Way, Atlanta 30322 Unfounded
210287411/19/2021Hazing; Possession of Controlled Substances; Underage Possession of Alcohol11/18/2021 00:1511/18/2021 00:15Fraternity House, 17 Eagle Row, Atlanta 30322 Anonymous
210286911/19/2021Theft by Taking (From Bldg, Value $1500 or Less)11/2/2021 09:0011/8/2021 14:00Woodruff Library, 540 Asbury Cir, Atlanta 30322 Active
210286211/18/2021Simple Battery11/18/2021 19:3011/18/2021 19:30Emory Univ Hospital, 1364 Clifton Rd NE, Atlanta 30322 Active
210285911/18/2021Theft by Taking (From Bldg, Value $1500 or Less)11/18/2021 21:3011/18/2021 22:15Candler School of Theology (Rita Anne Rollins Bldg), 1531 Dickey Dr, Atlanta 30322 Active
210285411/18/2021Arrest: Sexual Battery11/18/2021 15:1111/18/2021 16:15Woodruff Library, 540 Asbury Cir, Atlanta 30322 Cleared by Arrest
210285011/18/2021Theft by Taking (Other, Valued $1500 or Less)11/17/2021 23:0011/18/2021 11:49Turman Hall, 640 Means Dr, Atlanta 30322 Active
210284711/18/2021Theft by Taking (From Bldg, Value $1500 or Less)11/16/2021 17:3011/18/2021 08:00Emory Univ Hospital, 1364 Clifton Rd NE, Atlanta 30322 Active
210283011/17/2021Theft by Taking (Motor Vehicle Parts or Accessories, Exterior)11/16/2021 14:3011/17/2021 06:10Emory Recycles, 868 Peavine Creek Dr, Atlanta 30322 Active
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